I am Lisa


For many years I battled with being overweight. I was a very healthy, athletic child and teen. I started gaining weight after my first pregnancy and I couldn’t understand why!!! I tried all sorts of crazy diets, from the soup diet to the high protein diet to the 13 day diet and even the unhealthy idea of starving myself for days.

The problem was I would lose the weight for couple of weeks then gain it all back plus more. My turning point was when I had my eldest daughter’s Holy Communion. I looked at the photos and didn’t recognise myself.

Who was that fat person in the picture?

How could I do that to myself?

I became depressed, tired, had no energy and was having all sorts of medical problems.

One day I was introduced to Herbalife by a friend of mine. I was very sceptical, another fad diet!! With all my food intolerances and allergies how could I benefit from this? So, the first thing I did, I called my doctor and asked his professional opinion. He gave me the thumbs up and spoke highly of the system as he personally was a big fan.

So I took the plunge, after all I had nothing to lose except my weight.

I started my Herbalife Program as my coach suggested, ate my Healthy meals, had my Formula 1 shake, had my Thermojetic tea and my Aloe and exercised. I started seeing a difference in my first week. I couldn’t believe that it was actually working and that fast!!!

I mean ‘How can you eat more and lose weight?’

I was never hungry. It was fantastic!

I lost 30 Kilos in total, 20 inches from my waist which took me from a size 20 to a size 12 in just 8 months.

Oh boy did my life change!

And six years later I still kept it all off. And I did it all in a healthy and safe way. Herbalife truly changed my life.

I am Lisa …. I am Herbalife…

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